Risky Business #285 -- Beating the G20 Internet cafe

Opsec for execs...
21 Jun 2013 » Risky Business

In this week's show we talk opsec with international man of mystery The Grugq. In light of revelations the Internet lounge at the G20 summit was essentially an intelligence collection system set up by GCHQ, we thought we'd look at what travelling diplomats and executives can do to protect their data when entering a hostile environment where all infrastructure is assumed to be controlled by your adversary.

There's some great practical advice in that segment, and it's after the news.

In this week's sponsor interview we speak with Jack Daniel, Tenable Network Security's product manager about Microsoft's bug bounty program. $100k for a good exploit! The times, they change.

And we check in with Adam Boileau to discuss the week's news headlines. Show notes can be found here.