Risky Business #281 -- Eyes on DPRK

Public satellite imagery yields a wealth of intelligence...
17 May 2013 » Risky Business

This week's feature interview is with Dave Jorm, a Brisbane-based security geek and environmental science aficionado who's done some really interesting OSINT analysis of agricultural efficiency in North Korea with publicly available satellite data.

He's presenting his findings at AusCERT's annual conference on the Gold Coast next week; he joins the podcast to talk about his work and the online community of North Korea watchers.

Ok, so it's not exactly about infosec, but it's really interesting stuff and I hope you all enjoy it!

This week's show is brought to you by the fine folks at HackLabs, the Australian pentesting firm. If you need your pens tested, get in touch with the team at HackLabs.com.

This week's sponsor interview is with HackLabs head honcho Chris Gatford. We chat to him about a tale of two banks -- one big Middle Eastern bank and one small Australian bank. They're two organisations with very different approaches to security and very different security postures, but both eventually failed penetration tests by making the same simple mistakes.

Show notes

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With that sentencing, they will know be very vigilant of what they are all about. I guess they are all ears on that one. - Mission Maids


Hi Patrick!!

Thanks for your show. I am an avid listener, still a computer security student. :)

So, thanks again.