Risky Business #260 -- News, Ducklin, Arkin and more!

Mixed bag this week...
26 Oct 2012 » Risky Business

This week's show is brought to you by our benevolent overlords at Adobe! And this week's sponsor interview is a must listen. Adobe's director of product security and privacy Brad Arkin joins us to discuss the breach at Adobe HQ that lead to malicious binaries being signed as valid by their code signing boxes.

Yes, it's a sponsor interview but Brad does a great job at answering some tough questions about the known extent of the compromise. I found that conversation extremely interesting and I suspect you will too.

We also chat to him about some new security features in Flash Player and Reader.

Also this week we're chatting with Paul Ducklin of Sophos Australia. Duck is well known to most Risky Business listeners, he's a regular guest, and this week he's joining us to talk about a few items of interest -- Oracle's awful patching schedule, a Sony lawsuit getting tossed and some weak DKIM issues that affected Google.

Insomnia Security's Mark Piper joins us to discuss the week's news headlines. You can find links to all our news in this week's show notes.