Risky Business #251 -- Thunderbolt strikes Mac EFI

Snare's been up to his sneaky tricks again...
23 Aug 2012 » Risky Business

In this week's feature interview we're getting an update on some research we looked at last year. Loukas of Assurance.com.au in Melbourne had been playing around with some "evil maid" EFI hacks on Macs, but he's done some more work on them and presented his findings at BlackHat in July.

He joins the show to discuss his latest EFI work. See this week's show notes for links to his slide deck and paper, as well as links to this week's news.

This week's show is brought to you by Adobe!

Adobe's head of product security Brad Arkin joins us to give us some development tips for smaller coding teams. He also discusses his involvement with the RSA conference -- he'll be helping to select some talks.