Risky Business #243 -- Quickly! To Ecuador!

How to be a martyr in style...
22 Jun 2012 » Risky Business

In this week's news segment we cover Julian Assange's attempt at martyrdom in style, claims of a Twitter outage, the cracking of 923-bit pairing-based encryption in Japan, the blackmailing of an American firm by hackers, Face.com's tragic fail, The Washington Post's stunning (not) revelation that Flame was the work of the US and Israel, AutoCAD worms, bug bounties and more!

Insomnia Security's Mark Piper tackles all that at the top of the show. He's filling in for Adam Boileau.

Also in this week's show we're chatting with Adobe's director of product security and privacy Brad Arkin. We're talking to him all about an opinion piece Bruce Schneier wrote for Forbes about twisted incentives in the vulnerability market. It's interesting stuff.

That's this week's sponsor interview.

There's no feature interview this week and possibly no podcast next week. Family stuff.