Risky Business #232 -- Huawei, the NBN and Chewbacca

Inside Australia's Huawei security ban...
29 Mar 2012 » Risky Business

This week we talk to CommsDay founder and publisher Grahame Lynch about the Australian Government's decision to ban Chinese Networking vendor Huawei from supplying equipment to the National Broadband Network.

The government says it will block Huawei's participation in the rollout of the $36 billion network on security grounds following a negative assessment by Australian spy agency ASIO. Read Grahame's take here.

Is this a decision that really makes sense from a pure political point of view? Or could there be some political considerations at play here? Grahame clues us in.

This week's show is brought to you by Adobe. Adobe's head of product security Brad Arkin is along in this week's show to talk about its new open source tool that helps incident responders pull apart suspicious flash objects.

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Also this week, SC Magazine Australia's editor Darren "Dazza" Pauli joins us to discuss the week's news headlines. He's filling in for Adam Boileau who's off having his beard permed and dyed.