Risky Business #230 -- Can security tester accreditation work?

An interview with CREST Australia's CEO Alastair MacGibbon...
16 Mar 2012 » Risky Business

This week's feature interview is with Alastiar MacGibbon, CEO of CREST Australia -- the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers.

In the UK CREST is a big deal, and now it's on its way to Australia and NZ. There's even a similar organisation in the USA that is doing things the CREST way. So this approach could actually become a worldwide, accepted accreditation for security testers.

I know one extremely capable tester who flew over to the UK to take the CREST tests and wound up flunking the team leader portion of one of them, so it's not your typical rubber stamp.

But! With such a lack of talented security testers out there, it seems possible from where I sit that CREST may have to lower its standards to get enough people certified. And security is such a fast moving discipline -- how will we ensure that CREST certified testers have current skills?

That's this week's feature.

Adam Boileau, as always, stops by to chat about this week's news headlines.