Risky Business #218 -- Precisely how badly does Android support suck?

Hint: The answer starts with "sub" and ends in "stantially"...
03 Nov 2011 » Risky Business

On this week's show we're taking a look at support for Android devices. If you're a regular listener you would have heard us whingeing about Android's woeful support. We've often said most Android devices out there are running old and insecure versions of the software, and now we have proof.

This week's feature guest, Michael DeGusta, has done a bit of research on this topic and found, well, Android support is even WORSE than we first thought. He turned his research into a chart that went viral. Here it is:

Android support FTL...

Also this week, Sophos Network Security's Bill Prout joins us for a chinwag about webapp security in online retail.

Adam Boileau, of course, stops in to discuss the week's news headlines.