Risky Business #215 -- Aussie researcher heavied, Mitnick and more!

Researcher Patrick Webster facing legal action, PLUS a funny story with Kevin Mitnick...
14 Oct 2011 » Risky Business

On this week's show we're delving into a troubling story emerging here in Australia. A local security researcher and consultant, Patrick Webster, has been threatened with criminal and civil prosecution after he disclosed a direct object reference bug in his pension fund's systems.

We'll be discussing this in the news with Adam, then we'll be hearing from First State Superannuation's Chief Executive Michael Dwyer himself!

Also on this week's show I'll be playing part two of my interview with famed hacker Kevin Mitnick. There's a very funny story in there about what happened when I asked him to track down Christopher Boyce, aka the Falcon of the Falcon and the Snowman fame. Boyce is an American who, at the time, had just been released from prison after serving a lengthy sentence for treason.

A big news story over the last week was the Chaos Computer Club's discovery of a piece of malware thought to be used by law enforcement in Germany. Over there, government agencies are allowed to use malware to Intercept internet telephony, but nothing else. As it turns out the trojan was packed with all sorts of extra features that just shouldn't have been there.

We'll be discussing that whole thing in this week's sponsor interview with Markus Hennig -- the co-founder of Astaro, which is now the network security division of Sophos.

Adam Boileau, of course, stops by for this week's news segment.

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