Risky Business #211 -- Ruxcon's Chris Spencer plus news galore

Ain't no one gonna stop this crazy old infosec bus...
16 Sep 2011 » Risky Business

On this week's show we chat with Ruxcon organiser and vulnerability researcher Chris Spencer.

Chris pops by to offer a five percent discount on Ruxcon training to Risky Business listeners, and we also have a quick chat to him about trends in the vulnerability research game.

Chris was popping shells and publishing exploits since the nineties, so he's seen a few things change!

Also this week, RSA's Mason Hooper joins the show for this week's sponsor interview. We ask Mason for his thoughts on a not-particularly-convincing Norton survey report that estimates cybercrime is now bigger than the illegal drugs industry. Ha!

Mark "Longpipes" Piper is this week's news guest. He's filling in while Adam Boileau is in Afghanistan seeking advanced beard grooming tips.