Risky Business #209 -- Senator Scott Ludlam discusses the Cybercrime Bill

Risky Business gets all political and stuff...
02 Sep 2011 » Risky Business

What a week in information security! Between Kernel.org getting owned, the Iranian Government apparently hacking a Dutch CA to mint around 250 valid certs for stuff like *.google.com and Wikileaks experiencing a spectacular opsec fail, there's plenty to talk about in this week's news segment with Adam Boileau.

In this week's feature interview we speak with Greens Senator Scott Ludlam about the governments proposed Cybercrime Legislation Amendment Bill. There's been a lot of FUD out there on this one and Senator Ludlam joins the show to dispel some myths and discuss some specific improvements the Greens would like to see made to the package of legislation.

This week's sponsor interview is with Ron Gula, CEO of Tenable Network Security.

Ron says some people out there in the market are forming a consensus that preventing attacks is just too hard, and so they're focussing too much on merely detecting compromises. Ron says a balanced approach is better. He joined me by phone to discuss.

* By the way, the company Ron mentions a company named Kyrus. Wasn't very clear in the recording.