Risky Business #206 -- Dino A Dai Zovi talks Mac hacking

Is IOS 4.x enterprise ready? Well, maybe...
12 Aug 2011 » Risky Business

In this week's feature interview we're chatting with Dino A Dai Zovi about Mac security -- Dino's well known as a Mac hacker and he's just done a BlackHat talk in which he evaluated Apple's IOS 4.x operating system for enterprise suitability. How did it stack up? Find out after the news!

Also this week we check in with Sophos Network Security director of support Alan Toews about Moxie Marlinspike's latest work, an alternative way of doing SSL certificates that completely does away with CAs. That's this week's sponsor interview.

Adam Boileau, of course, joins us for this week's news.