Risky Business #199 -- The way, way, wayback machine

A chat with Jason Scott of Textfiles.com...
23 Jun 2011 » Risky Business

Put on your Hypercolor t-shirts and Swatch watches, because this week's show features an interview with Jason Scott, the founder of Textfiles.com.

If you don't remember the BBS scene in the late 80s or early nineties, well, that doesn't matter; Jason has archived all of the quirky stuff that made the BBS scene what it was back then.


Textfiles.com is a culture bearer for the pre-Internet hacking scene. It's a massive archive of textfiles on everything from early hacking, phreaking and all sorts of other illicit stuff like bombmaking. w00t w00t!

Those were the days!

In this week's sponsor interview we're chatting with NetWitness security researcher Alex Cox about operational security. How concerned should you be with the operational security of your vendors? How critical is it?

We also chat with him about the opsec of those on the other side of the law. Is it possible groups like LulzSec can operate for a long period without being caught? If they're careful do the authorities stand a chance?

Adam Boileau, as usual, joins us for this week's show. Be nice to Adam. He's a sad panda at the moment because there's a bug he can't trigger. :'(