Risky Business #177 -- Silvio Cesare discusses his AV PhD

Silvio Cesare joins the show to preview his Ruxcon talk...
19 Nov 2010 » Risky Business

Silvio Cesare has been on the Australian information security for yonks. He's a talented vulnerability researcher, worked as a scanner architect for Qualys back in 2002, and has generally been kicking around being a smart guy for a long time.

These days he's doing a PhD in control flow graph-based malware classification and analysis. In short it's a static-analysis based approach to malware analysis, as opposed to the traditional approach of examining byte-level content.

It has real potential to improve antivirus software and Silvio joins us to discuss his work.

This week's show is brought to you by Kaspersky Lab. Vitaly Kamlyuk of Kaspersky Lab Japan will be along to discuss security research and the law. Should researchers be allowed to shut down botnets and C&C servers legally? Currently that sort of vigilantism is forbidden, but could we all benefit from exemptions?