Risky Business #171 -- Brian Snow on Vic Auditor General's SCADA report

Critical infrastructure critically insecure... blame the squirrels!!
08 Oct 2010 » Risky Business

On this week's show have a chat about critical infrastructure. The Auditor General in the state of Victoria has released a 56 page report into an investigation is conducted into the security of transport and water-infrastructure control systems.

It found the security of four of the five facilities reviewed was substantially lacking. Reading the report you can tell that the bureaucrats who wrote it were having heart palpitations by the time they were done with their investigation.

The NSA's former technical director of information assurance, Brian Snow, was kind enough to read the report summary and he joins us to share his thoughts.

In this week's sponsor interview we chat with Microsoft Australia's Chief Security Advisor Stuart Strathdee about that software maker's renewed push to encourage ISPs to take action against infected machines on their network. Stu will join us to explain why Microsoft is beating that particular drum again.

Adam Boileau, as always, joins us to discuss the week's news.