Risky Business #165 -- McAfee Insideâ„¢

Are there really 7.68 billion reasons for Intel to acquire McAfee?
27 Aug 2010 » Risky Business

In this week's show we take a look at all the big news events over the last week. A newly rediscovered DLL hijacking technique has made some waves over the last seven days, as has the arrest in India of an e-voting machine security researcher.

Adam Boileau joins the program to discuss those items and others in this week's news segment.

In this week's feature interview we take a detailed look at Intel's decision to acquire security software maker McAfee for USD$7.68 billion. What is the reaction among analysts and the wider market?

Neohapsis CTO Greg Shipley and Gartner's Rob McMillan join the program to discuss.

This week's sponsor interview is with Ed Curtis from Research in Motion. He pops in to talk about different approaches to the mobile security problem. Should we even bother with IDSing mobile environments? Curtis says yes!