Risky Business #158 -- Pwning up Apple's iTunes store

How to MITM the iTunes store for fun and profit...
09 Jul 2010 » Risky Business

On this week's edition of the show we take a look at the security of Apple's iTunes store. If you haven't heard the news, it seems a rogue app developer was able to bill Apple customers for apps they never bought.

We'll find out just how well the Apple app store was put together in the first place when we speak with Karl Chaffey. He works for a mobile development company and put together an interesting lightning talk for last year's Kiwicon conference which was all about the iTunes store.

Also this week we'll be chatting with Veracode's director of product management Tim Jarrett in our sponsor interview. We'll be talking about how to keep things nice when you're maintaining live code... how much automated scanning should you do? How much manual testing?

Adam Boileau is the week's news guest.