Risky Business #155 -- Can AusCERT survive?

The gloves come off as CERT Australia and AusCERT duke it out...
18 Jun 2010 » Risky Business

On this week's show we take a look at Australia's CERT wars. The Australian government has more or less declared AusCERT dead. It says its new group, CERT Australia, which is run out of the Attorney General's Department, will act as the sole point of contact for organisations in Australia when seeking CERT services or coordination.

AusCERT doesn't see it that way. Its general manager, Graham Ingram, fronts this week's program to claim it's business as usual for the member-funded NGO. We also have a chat with our secret squirrel, an anonymous source close to the war.

Mark Dowd is this week's news guest, filling in for Adam Boileau this week. Adam's off presenting at Syscan in Singapore, but he'll be back on deck next week.

In this week's sponsor interview we speak with Check Point's Engineering Services Manager Aviv Abramovich about using logging as a deterrent to data theft.