Risky Business #151 -- Didier Stevens talks about cmd.dll

The Belgians do things a bit differently...
14 May 2010 » Risky Business

This week's show is sponsored by Check Point Software.

In it we check in with Belgium-based security guy, spare-time researcher and noodler Didier Stevens.

We're talking to Didier about a weird little project he unveiled a couple of months ago. He's taken the source code from the command interpreter from ReactOS and compiled it into a DLL that he can shove into memory.

That way he gets shell without launching a new process. I got him on the show to ask him what the hell's wrong with Meterpreter for that sort of thing.

We'll also be joined by Check Point's Dan Baucaut in this week's sponsor interview. It used to be that outsourcing your firewall management was all the rage, but is it still popular and does it still make sense? Did it ever make sense?

As always, Adam Boileau is the week's news guest.