Risky Business #134 -- Adam Boileau wraps Kiwicon

Moar Metl for your tubez
04 Dec 2009 » Risky Business

This week's show is a bit different -- we're giving you a double dose of our regular guest Adam Boileau.

Following Kiwicon last weekend I checked in to Chez Boileau for a few nights, so we were able to do the news in his kitchen before I buggered off back to Australia.

While I was there we also had a chat about Kiwicon and discussed some of the presentations we saw. Adam is a key organiser of Kiwicon so it made sense to discuss it with him. Topics covered include GPS security, shared hosting insecurity, Linux kernel rootkit detection, hacking scientists and much, much more.

Coincidentally Check Point's Steve MacDonald was in Wellington when I was, so we caught up for a beer and did this week's sponsor interview in the flesh. The topic was Microsoft's decision to start advising customers to ditch IE6.

In the same statement the company advised its clients to stop licking batteries and filling their petrol tanks with sugar.