Risky Business #133 -- SSL/TLS flaw now useful, 9/11 pages and more

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26 Nov 2009 » Risky Business

This week's show is brought to you by Microsoft.

We've got a couple of great stories in this week's show. We'll be chatting with our semi regular guest Adam Pointon, who's taken a bit of a look through the leaked 911 pager messages that popped up on Wikileaks overnight.

While everyone's been trawling through them looking for evidence that the aliens did it, Adam's been taking a look at the automatically generated messages that network equipment was sending out. It's interesting stuff.

We'll also check in with Mikhail Davidov from Leviathan Security in the USA. They've made the SSL/TLS flaw you've been hearing about MUCH more practical and they've written code that will let you -- yes, you -- perform a channel downgrade attack.

Adam Boileau is this week's news guest, and we're joined by Microsoft's Stuart Strathdee in this week's sponsor interview.