Risky Business #132 -- ADSL MITM and fun with Microsoft Mobile ActiveSync

Beware of Kiwis with pliers near your DSLtubes and moustached Aussies near your mobiletubes...
19 Nov 2009 » Risky Business

We've got two feature interviews in this week's show. We'll be chatting with Security-Assessment.com's Carl Purvis, who's found a way to man-in-the-middle ADSL connections by spending only $1,000 on kit. Want to own a branch office of a major corporation? No problem!

Carl's due to give a talk at the upcoming Kiwicon conference in which he'll show everyone how it's done, so the interview's a bit of a preview.

We'll also check in very briefly with Assurance.com.au's Oliver Greiter, who's been having a lot of fun with Microsoft's ActiveSync. He'll also be presenting his findings in a lightning talk at Kiwicon.

This week's episode is sponsored by Microsoft, and the company's strategic security advisor, Stuart Strathdee joins us for an interview about the company's latest Security Intelligence Report in this week's sponsor interview.

Adam Boileau is this week's news guest.

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