Risky Biz Soap Box: A better way to provision access to production environments

Co-founder and CTO of strongDM, Justin McCarthy, pops in for a chat...
04 Jun 2020 » Risky Business

The Soap Box podcasts we run here at Risky.Biz are wholly sponsored affairs – everyone you hear in a soap box podcast, paid to be here.

The idea is vendors get to come on to the show and chat about their products, what their stuff does, the thinking behind it, so on and so on.

Today we’re hearing from Justin McCarthy of strongDM.

Essentially strongDM makes a product that provisions secure access to engineers who need to access various back end services.

You can think of them as an identity aware proxy of sorts, but for engineers. So instead of provisioning regular users with access to web applications like a typical identity aware proxy, a strongDM user will use the product to get access to the production database, or to kubernetes, or other services like SSH.

And since the COVID crisis kicked off, business has gone pretty berserk.