Snake Oilers #2: Part 1: Crowdstrike, AttackIQ and Replicated explain their tech

A wholly sponsored podcast that doesn't suck!
28 Aug 2017 » Risky Business

This is part one of our latest Snake Oilers podcast, the sponsored podcast that doesn’t suck! I have to say, when I launched this podcast series I had no idea it would actually wind up being genuinely engaging and interesting. All three interviews in this podcast are top notch and I think anyone working in infosec would do well to listen.

The original idea behind these Snake Oilers podcasts was vendors would come on to the show and aggressively pitch their products. But you know what? What they mostly want to do is actually explain what their technology does so people out there in listener land actually know what they do.

I’ve broken this special into two parts. In this part we’ll hear from CrowdStrike, Replicated and AttackIQ. On Monday next week I’ll be posting part two with Remediant and Yubico, the makers of Yubikeys. Those two companies both make authentication technology, which is why I split them out on to their own.

In this part:

  • Crowdstrike tell us why they think their EDR and AV solution is the best. A lot of you probably didn’t even know Crowdstrike does AV now… they’ve got a pretty compelling endpoint detection and response plus AV pitch.

  • AttackIQ will pitch its software as a way to augment red teaming exercises and help you think of security as a continuous feedback loop

  • Replicated talks through its tech. They take SaaS software and turn it into on-prem or private cloud software