Risky Business #14 -- AusCERT special

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22 May 2007 » Risky Business

AusCERT special. Microsoft's product security manager, One Laptop Per Child security concerns, the Cybertrust acquisition and more. Risky Business #14 is available for download, thanks to our sponsor Cybertrust and hosting partner Vigabyte.\xc2\xa0

This week's show was produced on the ground at the annual AusCERT computer security conference. On today's show:

  • Munir Kotadia joins us in the flesh to talk about the AusCERT conference
  • Ivan Krstic, the One Laptop Per Child project's security architect talks desktop security
  • Microsoft's General Manager of Product Security, George Stathakopoulos, gives us the lowdown on what's happening at Redmond HQ
  • Cybertrust's Paul O'Rourke and Verizon Business' Darren Day discuss the latter's acquisition of the former. What does it mean for Cybertrust's 180 Australian staff?