Risky Business #112 -- Pollie wanna hacker? Special guest Senator Stephen Conroy

Australian government Minister for the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy joins Risky Business...
19 Jun 2009 » Risky Business

This week's show is a cracker -- we have a very special guest, Senator Stephen Conroy.

The senator is Australia's Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy and I caught up with him in Sydney last week to get his take on what he feels the role of government is when it comes to IT security.

We're also joined by Sydney-based security consultant Jason Edelstein who'll be chatting about telephone-related fraud. US authorities have just busted up a massive ring of phone fraudsters with links to Islamic fundamentalists, of all people. Over a period of years they hacked into more than 2500 systems and resold access via calling cards.

Apparently that netted them an estimated $55 million, which is certainly better than a kick in the proverbials.

We'll also check in with Stuart Strathdee from Microsoft. Stu's popping in to talk about 0day. There have been some really scary 0day bugs in Microsoft products lately, and Stuart pops by with his take on the situation.

He argues that office 0days are actually pretty far down on the ye olde risk register.

And of course we check of the week's news headlines with our good friend Adam 'Metlstorm' Boileau!

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