SPONSOR INTERVIEW: Pcap analysis in the cloud

Why realtime prevention is fantasy...
25 Oct 2012 » Risky Business Extra

All our coverage of the Breakpoint security conference was made possible by our sponsor PacketLoop.

PacketLoop is a new Australian business that applies big data analysis techniques to your packet captures... you can visualise your captures, drill down into them, and even spot successful 0day attacks against your organisation after the event -- that's a simple trick, that one, they just loop your packet captures through IPSs after the fact... when they get signature updates, they loop them through again. Hence the name, PacketLoop.

You can sign up to a Beta at PacketLoop.com, and I suggest you do. Think of this stuff as like NetWitness in the cloud.

I caught up with PacketLoop co-founder Michael Baker to discuss his presentation at the Ruxcon conference, which was all about Big Data security analytics. I started off by asking him roughly what he planned to talk about.