Risky Biz Feature: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face"

A look inside the Equinix ransomware incident with its CISO...
16 Feb 2022 » Risky Business

There is no weekly news show this week. Instead, we’re running this feature interview with Michael Montoya, the CISO of Equinix. This isn’t a sponsored interview or anything like that, this podcast was prepared with support from the Hewlett Foundation’s Cyber Initiative.

Equinix has 9,000 staff and operates 220 data centres globally. Its annual revenue is in the order of USD$6bn. In September 2020 it was attacked by criminals who deployed the Netwalker ransomware on its corporate network. The attackers demanded a USD$4.5m ransom payment for service restoration and to keep the data they stole from the company private.

This interview has taken a while to organise, but when I first found out Michael was open to the idea of talking through the incident I jumped at it. It’s extremely rare for CISOs to be made available to talk about events like this, but it’s something that should happen more often. We can learn a lot by dissecting these types of incidents publicly. Enjoy!