AusCERT's Ops Manager Leaves for Microsoft Job

Karl Hanmore packs his UNIX beard and heads stateside...

Hanmore joined AusCERT in 2005 following a five-year stint as the IT security manager of the Bank of Queensland. His new job at Microsoft, where he will be dubbed a senior security strategist, will see him pack his bags and move to Redmond.

"I will be heavily involved in relationships with various CERT teams globally, ensuring a smooth operational relationship between these teams and Microsoft," Hanmore told "It's all about making sure that the end user and their support network have access to the information they need to remain secure online."

Hanmore described working at AusCERT as a highlight of his career.

AusCERT director Nick Tate says he will be missed. "It's clearly a great shame to be losing Karl," he says.

The resignation comes as a significant shake-up of the national CERT landscape looms.

The AusCERT organisation, which is technically a registered business name of the University of Queensland, will lose its title of national CERT. However, Tate says AusCERT will continue to provide services through the new, Attorney General-funded CERT program.

"We'll be providing some of the services for that," he says. "AusCERT is very much continuing... We're working on a service level agreement at the moment."