Risky Business #34 -- Marty Roesch and Snort

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09 Oct 2007 » Risky Business

Risky Business returns to normal programming today. Patrick Gray is back from his holiday in the tropics and he's feeling just dandy, thanks for asking.

This week's show is a long one -- we had to make up for last week's 16 minute podcast. On this week's program:

  • Patrick Gray and ZDNet Australia's Munir Kotadia discuss the week's security news
  • Sourcefire CTO Martin Roesch discuss the future of Snort and the commercialisation of open source software
  • Marshal's Director of Product Management Bradley Anstis tells us how spammers are using Youtube to peddle their grubby little messages
  • Verizon Business's Sean Lord joins us for this week's sponsor interview. We'll be talking about distributed denial of service attacks