Risky Business #115 -- Goldman Sachs pwned, Kimberly Zenz and Brian "Jericho" Martin

Naughty people doing bad things with evil technology...
14 Jul 2009 » Risky Business

On this week's show we're joined by semi regular guest Adam Pointon. Adam's the CSO for a financial services company, so he has a fair bit of insight into both security technology and market-based technology. You may have heard by now that investment bank Goldman Sachs has claimed its trading algorithm has been stolen by one of its developers. Why is this a big deal? How would possession of that algorithm be advantageous to an attacker? Adam joins the show to tell us.

We also hear from Brian "Jericho" Martin -- he's the maintainer of the open source vulnerability database and he also works for Tenable Network Security, our sponsor. He'll be along in this week's sponsor interview to have a chat about that nasty DirectShow ActiveX bug that's doing the rounds at the moment -- did Microsoft drop the ball on this one? Well, the answer is maybe, as you'll hear.

We have a special news guest this week, too -- iDefense cybercrime analyst Kimberly Zenz.