Risky Business #104 -- 2008: The Postmortem

Verizon Business gives us a sneak peek into its 2008 data breach investigations...
16 Apr 2009 » Risky Business

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On this week's show we hear from Bryan Sartin of Verizon Business Security Solutions. He'll be discussing that company's 2009 Data Breach Study.

Verizon has a well-established forensics unit and its reports are interesting. This study is to the infosec industry what black box reports are to the aviation industry; a post mortem examination of what went wrong.

We also check in with Stuart Strathdee, Microsoft Australia's Strategic Security Advisor in this week's sponsor interview. He'll be chatting about Microsoft's own Security Intelligence Report. There's some really surprising results to come out of that one.

Paul Craig is this week's news guest.