Between Two Nerds: Is cyberespionage actually signals intelligence?

In the Five Eyes signals intelligence organisations mostly own cyber operations, but other countries have different models. Is that the way it should be or just an accident of history?
21 Feb 2023 » Risky Business News

In this edition of Between Two Nerds Tom Uren and The Grugq look at the differences and similarities between signals intelligence and cyber operations. Why did Five Eyes Sigint organisations end up ‘owning’ cyber operations and does that make sense, or should there be a separate cyber intelligence organisation?

In this podcast Grugq read quotes about the mid 1990s struggle between NSA and CIA over ownership of cyber. Quotes are from the PhD dissertation “Penetrate, Exploit, Disrupt, Destroy: The Rise of Computer Network Operations as a Major Military Innovation” by Craig Wiener. It’s available here.