Risky Business #274 -- Is "active defence" legal?

Stanford law's Jennifer Granick joins the show...
March 22, 2013 -- 

In this week's feature interview we chat with Jennifer Granick, the Head of Civil Liberties at Stanford University's Centre for Internet and Society. Jennifer has extensive experience with cyberlaw -- she has acted for clients as diverse as Aaron Swartz and HBGary! She's done it all! And she joins the show to talk about a few things -- is active defence ever legal? And what the hell is going on with the Computer Abuse and Fraud Act over there in the USA?

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Julian joins the show a bit later on to talk about what happens when his customers ask them to roll with custom algos because some of them don't trust those published crypto techniques.

Adam Boileau, as always, joins us for a chat about the week's news headlines. You can find this week's show notes here.


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The active defense has been pretty good so far. We have been so sure of making it work. - James Cullem