Risky Business

Risky Business #330 -- Setting the infosec agenda

July 18, 2014 -- On this week's show we're chatting with infosec journalist turned PR strategist Elinor Mills. For eight years Elinor wrote about security for CNet News.com, before joining Bateman group as a content and media strategist in 2012.

We're chatting with Elinor about how the infosec media agenda is set. Do massive advertising, marketing and PR budgets give disproportionate media influence to companies that don't deserve it? Drum roll please... yup. Yes. Yes they do. But we'll chat to Elinor about that after the news.

Risky Business #329 -- BitCoins ARE money, Snowden seeks Russia stay

July 11, 2014 -- There is no feature interview in this week's show. If you tuned in last week you would have heard HD Moore and I talking about a project called Invisible.im. Well, we launched a FAQ and the Internet liked it... the Internet *really* liked it... so I've spent much of the week working on invisible.im. There's some really cool stuff happening there that I can't really talk about yet, but I can say the project has picked up a lot of interest.

There's some very cool stuff happening and I'll be able to talk more about it soon.

Risky Business #328 -- HD Moore talks massive scanning and invisible.im

July 4, 2014 -- This week's show is brought to you by Rapid7, big, big thanks to them.

This week's sponsor interview is with Rapid7's Chief Research Officer HD Moore. But you know what? One interview with HD just isn't enough, is it? So he's also joining us in the feature segment to discuss a project I'm putting together called Invisible.im.

Risky Business #327 -- PayPal grounded by Flight Mode

June 27, 2014 -- On this week's show we're chatting with Zach Lanier of Duo Security about some work he did on bypassing PayPal's two-factor authentication. In short, PayPal's implementation had an absolute clanger of a logic bug in it that these guys were able to find. The secret sauce to the attack? Flight mode! No joke.

Risky Business #326 -- Code Spaces, Nokia blackmailed in hacks

June 20, 2014 -- On this week's show we have a quick chat with The Register's Darren Pauli about XP still being bloody everywhere. You'd think organisations out there would realise how absolutely crackheaded it is to keep running XP since support ended, but nope... Even the police are happily chugging away on perennially vulnerable boxes. Great.

This week's show is brought to you by BugCrowd: outsourced bug bounty programs.

Risky Business #325 -- China's old stuff more popular than its new stuff

June 13, 2014 -- In this week's show we chat to The Grugq about the Chinese cyber espionage campaign unmasking that has no one talking. Unlike the unit 61398 report from Mandiant last February, CrowdStrike's unit 61486 report has really fallen flat.

Risky Business #324 -- More SSL bugs, plus a chat with Andy Greenberg

June 6, 2014 -- In this week's show we're joined by Wired journalist Andy Greenberg to chat about one of his areas of interest and coverage -- underground markets and crypto currencies. We also chat to Andy about his views on post-Wikileaks leaking. Why did Snowden go to Glenn Greenwald instead of Wikileaks and what does that tell us about Wikileaks' founding philosophy?

Tune in to hear all about it.

In this week's sponsor interview we chat with Julian Fay, CTO of Senetas.

Risky Business #323 -- Sabu, TrueCrypt march into history?

May 29, 2014 -- On this week's show we've got a great interview with Micah Lee. He works for The Intercept, the publication Glenn Greenwald set up to report on the Snowden leaks. He's developed a very simple file transfer tool for ToR called Onionshare. It's a very simple utility that has a bunch of interesting applications.

This week's show is brought to you by Rapid7, thanks a bunch to the guys and gals there. Rapid7's Lee Weiner drops in to talk about how we lock down corporate security in a world where most of your users re-use their VPN passwords on every website they ever join.

Risky Business #322 -- China charges: Just what is America doing?

May 23, 2014 -- On this week's show we've got a cracking interview with ANU Professor and former prime ministerial advisor Hugh White about the charges brought against alleged Chinese military hackers by the US Department of Justice. That one's coming up after the news.

This week's show is brought to you by Tenable Network Security. Jack Daniel of Tenable stops by in this week's sponsor interview to talk about password managers in light of the eBay breach. Is it time we really started encouraging people to use them?

Risky Business 321 -- Silvio goes to Bunnings

May 9, 2014 -- On this week's show we're chatting with Silvio Cesare about his new pastime of messing around with home alarm systems, garage door remotes and car immobilisers. How secure do you think your little key ring transmitters are? Well, not very. But the interesting thing is, the tools that you need to crack these things are now very cheap -- could we see thieves roaming the streets with software defined radios, opening up your neighbourhood's garages? Tune in to find out