Risky Business

Risky Business #372 -- Airbus pilot talks plane hacking

July 2, 2015 -- This week's feature interview is a bit left of field With all the talk about plane hacking flying around over the last couple of months (zing) I thought it might be an idea to talk to an actual airliner pilot. So this week we're joined by an Australian Airbus pilot. He works for an Asian airline but he was in Australia recently and I caught up with him to ask him for his thoughts on the topic.

Risky Business #371 -- Special guest Richard Bejtlich

June 25, 2015 -- In this week's feature interview we chat with Richard Bejtlich. He serves as the chief security strategist at FireEye. He's a nonresident fellow with the Brookings Institute and he joins me this week to talk about the OPM breach, honeypots, China and Edward Snowden.

This week's show is sponsored by Palo Alto Networks. This week's sponsor interview is with Ryan Olson of Palo's Threat Intelligence Unit 42 -- yes, that is a hitchhikers guide reference. He'll be joining us to discuss an APT campaign they uncovered in Asia -- it's called Lotus Blossom and it's yet another example of likely state sponsored APT activity targeting the region. Depressingly, it uses CVEs that start with 2012. Ugh.

Risky Business #370 -- Samsung screws the pooch in extravagant fashion

June 18, 2015 -- On this week's show we chat with Dan Guido of Trail of Bits about DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge. There was a competition round last week and he tells us all about it.

Risky Business #369 -- Kaspersky pwned by Duqu, bye bye 215 and more

June 11, 2015 -- On this week's show we speak with Laura Bell about scanning people for vulnerabilities. Who in your organisation do you most need to worry about protecting? Well, it's not who you think. She'll be along soon to discuss that.

This week's show is brought to you by Rapid7.

Risky Business #368 -- AusCERT edition: Brian Krebs, Eva Galperin and more!

June 5, 2015 -- This week's edition of the show is a special edition recorded at AusCERT's 2015 conference on the Gold Coast, brought to you by Datacom TSS.

In it, we speak with:

* Brian Krebs, who talks about the weird symbiotic relationship he has with the criminal underworld
* Eva Galperin of the EFF talks Wassenaar
* David Litchfield who discusses his new database security tool
* Datacom TSS practice manager Lou Robertson on outcomes-based security service contracts

I hope you enjoy it!

Risky Business #367 -- Tor Project lead Roger Dingledine

May 28, 2015 -- This week's show is a bit different. I've prepared it while in South Africa. I've been here for two weeks now, one week of holidays and another week at the ITWeb Security Summit in Johannesburg.

While here I got a chance to meet and interview Roger Dingledine, the Tor Project leader, about the future of hidden services, the Anonabox controversy, and the possibility of major browser manufactures integrating Tor into their private browsing modes. That's this week's feature.

This week's news guest is Haroon Meer of Thinkst.

Risky Business #366 -- Software defined networking security

May 14, 2015 -- On this week's show we're chatting with Dave Jorm of IIX -- International Internet Exchange. We're previewing his upcoming AusCERT talk all about software defined networking security. It's fancy tech, but there are some interesting little quirks CSOs should definitely be across.

This week's show is sponsored by Senetas, big thanks to them. Senetas CTO Julian Fay is this week's sponsor guest. We talk about those horrible Open Smart Grid bugs and a few other things, that's coming up later.

Adam Boileau, as usual, joins the show to discuss the week's news headlines.

Risky Business #365 -- Defence in derpth

May 7, 2015 -- This week's show is brought to you by BugCrowd -- crowdsourced security testing. Bugcrowd founder and CEO Casey Ellis will join us in this week's sponsor interview to tell us about the latest trends in bounties and crowdsourced security.

Risky Business #364 -- The cuckoo's carton

April 30, 2015 -- In this week's feature interview we chat with John Strand, a SANS instructor and co-host of Security Weekly's Webcasts. He runs Black Hills information security and he's a maintainer of the ADHD Linux distro -- it's essentially a curation of active defence tools that you can use to do some funky stuff. But in this case active defence doesn't mean popping shells on boxes in China, it's more about annoying the absolute shit out of your adversaries.

Risky Business #363 -- Software defined radio gets interesting

April 24, 2015 -- This week's show was cut together from our nation's capital, Canberra!

I've been down here to attend the Australian Cyber Security Centre conference, which was actually pretty good. There were some great technical talks. One of them was by Balint Seeber on Software defined radio haxing, he’s our feature guest in this week's show.