Risky Business

Risky Business #424 -- Jess Frazelle on Docker. So hot right now.

August 25, 2016 -- On this week's show we chat with Jessie Frazelle. Jessie is a former Docker maintainer who now works at Google on all things "containery". So we talk to her about what's up with containers, basically, and where the security pitfalls are. Like it or not, containers are likely going to be used in your environment, so getting to know them is a must. That's this week's feature.

Risky Business #423 -- ShadowBrokers PLUS how2pwn Apple's Secure Enclave

August 18, 2016 -- This week's feature interview is incredible. We're speaking with David Wang from Azimuth Security. He, his colleague Tarjei Mandt and Mat Solnik of OffCell Research delivered an absolutely blockbuster talk at Black Hat. I didn't see the talk at the time but I got a chance to review the slides and oh-my-god I can't believe this one got so little attention.

Risky Business #422 -- #CensusFail, news with Adam and MOAR

August 11, 2016 -- On this week's show we talk about the week's security news with Adam Boileau and I spill on what my sources have told me about #censusfail.

Risky Business #421 -- Las Vegas edition with Dan Guido, Andy Greenberg and Zane Lackey

August 6, 2016 -- On this week's show we speak with Signal Sciences' co-founder Zane Lackey about hackers building defensive tools and software companies. Dan Guido and Andy Greenberg talk about car hacking and the week's security news, and Wade Woolwine of Rapid7 is in the sponsor slot talking about EDR/IDR software.

Links to everything are in this week's show notes.

Risky Business #420 -- What we don't know about Watergate 2.0

July 29, 2016 -- On this week's show we're taking a look at the DNC leaks, but don't worry, we won't be getting bogged down in the same old angles. Instead, we're going to chat to Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai from VICE motherboard about his experience in interviewing the Guccifer 2 persona.

Then we'll hear from Kevin Poulsen about what these latest developments mean for Wikileaks. It's a topic you're probably sick of hearing about this week, but stick with us, we've got some new angles, and they're relevant.

Risky Business #419 -- Brian Krebs on future of bank cybercrime

July 22, 2016 -- On this week's show we're catching up with Brian Krebs of Krebs On Security. He'll be talking to us about recent trends in cybercrime, and he's got a warning for security teams in the banking sector. He says things are going to get pretty sticky, and he's usually right on this stuff.

Risky Business #418 -- The rise of the crypto-Taliban

July 15, 2016 -- On this week's show we're chatting with The Grugq about secure messaging. Facebook has announced it's rolling out an end-to-end encryption feature and the reaction to this wonderful announcement has been somewhat bizarre. We'll be talking to Grugq about why crypto absolutists are hating on companies that are rolling out non-default e2e features. We'll also talk about a couple of interesting case studies in which e2e encryption did absolutely nothing for the people using it.

Risky Business #417 -- PlayPen ruling to let FBI off leash?

July 8, 2016 -- In this week's feature interview we're chatting with Stanford's very own Jennifer Granick about a recent ruling in a Virginia court that appears to give the FBI permission to hack into any computer it wants, sans warrant. Well that's what the headlines are screaming, anyway. But as you'll hear, it's not quite that black and white.

Risky Business #416 -- Post holiday carnage edition

July 1, 2016 -- On this week's show we'll be catching up on the news of the last few weeks with Adam Boileau, then it's straight into the sponsor segment.

Risky Business #415 -- Lauri Love talks extradition

June 10, 2016 -- On this week's show we're chatting with Lauri Love. Lauri is an activist facing extradition to the United States where prosecutors hope to charge him with a raft of offences relating to attacks against US government computers... he'll tell us about what's going on with his extradition hearing and why he really, really doesn't want to go to the USA.

This week's show is sponsored by Tenable Network Security, big thanks to them. If you're looking for some vulnerability scanning and management software you really should talk to Tenable!