Risky Business

Risky Business #412 -- Former NSA general counsel Stewart A Baker

May 20, 2016 -- On this week's show we're chatting with former NSA general counsel and Steptoe & Johnson law partner Stewart A Baker about the cryptowars! Stewart was NSA general counsel during the Clipper Chip period at NSA, and he joins us this week to talk about the second cryptowar, Apple versus the FBI and more.

Risky Business #411 -- Ruining the ImageMagick party

May 13, 2016 -- On this week's show we're taking a look at the backstory to the ImageMagick bug. There's a fair bit more to that one than has been reported so far and we'll chat with Ryan Huber about that.

This week's show is sponsored by BugCrowd, so in this week's sponsor interview we're joined by Casey Ellis, BugCrowd's CEO. We're also joined by Katie Moussouris, former chief policy officer from HackerOne. She's now a freelance bug bounty consultant working across the whole industry and she's got some interesting stuff to say about where all this bounty madness is headed.

Risky Business #410 -- Mainframe security: Too big to fail?

May 6, 2016 -- On this week's show we're chatting with Chad Rikansrud about mainframe security. Yes, they're old school, but there are many, many reasons why large organisations still use these hunks of big iron. And as you'll hear, because they're so important to the companies they basically run, management can get a bit twitchy when you want to do crazy stuff to them, like, you know, pentest them. We'll find out what mainframe security issues look like with Chad Rikansrud, after this week's news.

Risky Business #409 -- Talking SWIFT hacks, news, with Adam Boileau

April 28, 2016 -- On this week's show Adam Boileau and Patrick Gray talk about the week's information security news before diving into a detailed look at multiple recent attacks against banks' SWIFT infrastructure.

It's the Metlstorm hour of power!

Risky Business #408 -- Advertising ecosystem security with Dan Kaminsky, news with Grugq

April 21, 2016 -- On this week's show, as promised, we'll be checking in with Dan Kaminsky of WhiteOps to discuss their bread and butter -- click fraud prevention. We also get his thoughts on what the ad industry could do to stamp out malvertising. As you'll hear, he thinks the only way forward is to actually fix browsers. Seems sensible to us!

Adam Boileau is taking a well-deserved week off, so The Grugq pops in to fill in. We'll chat to him about all the infosec news of the last week.

Links to everything are in this week's show notes.

Risky Business #407 -- Guests HD Moore, Dan Kaminsky, Grugq and Space Rogue

April 14, 2016 -- On this week's show we chat with HD Moore about the woeful state of security at Panamanian law firms. Mossack Fonseca isn't the only one that truly, truly sucks at security.

We also check in with Dan Kaminsky to get his reaction to the BadLock bug. Tenable Network Security's Cris "Space Rogue" Thomas joins us to talk about what we could expect this year when it comes to security startups. He's expecting quite a few of them to fold.

The Grugq joins the show this week to discuss the week's security news. He's filling in for Adam Boileau who's travelling in Australia.

Risky Business #406 -- Making a killing from bug bounty programs

March 31, 2016 -- On this week's show we're chatting with Nathaniel Wakelam, a professional bug bounty participant who, distressingly, at age 20, earns shitloads more money than I do! We'll talk to him about how he got into bug bounties, and how he manages to take down a massive paycheck in such a competitive space.

Risky Business #405 -- Doxing Africa's W2 scammers, FBiOS and more

March 24, 2016 -- On this week's show we're chatting with myNetWatchman's Donald McCarthy about some research he's done into these crews shaking down US companies for W2 forms. He and his colleagues have identified at least 40 crews involved in this stuff. We'll get the skinny on that in this week's feature interview.

We're also chatting with Haroon Meer this week in the sponsor interview. Haroon is the head honcho over at Thinkst Applied Research and we'll be talking to him some more about the fantastic honeypot product they've released: Canary.Tools.

Risky Business #403 -- Inside Islamic State's doc leak

March 17, 2016 -- On this week's show we're chatting with David Wells. He's ex GCHQ and ASD but these days he's a counterterrorism boffin with the Lowy Institute. He's joining us to discuss the IS document leak. Depending on which story you read its either the death of the organisation or it won't do anything at all to disrupt it. We get David's thoughts on what this leak will actually for the so-called Caliphate.

In this week's sponsor interview we're doing something a bit different.. following on from last week's interview with Re/Code's Arik Hesseldahl we're chatting with Tenable's CFO, Steve Vintz.

Risky Business #402 -- Why are infosec companies tanking on the NASDAQ?

March 10, 2016 -- On this week's show we're chatting with re/code's senior editor and "enterprise dude" Arik Hesseldahl about the business of infosec. Information security related stocks and shares are tanking on indexes all over the world... why? How can this be happening in a $75bn sector that is tipped to grow into a $175bn sector in the next four years?

Arik will join us with the skinny on that. But don't panic, tanking infosec share prices might be a good thing for the discipline. We'll find out why a bit later on.

In this week's sponsor interview we chat with BugCrowd CEO Casey Ellis.