Risky Business #433 -- Mirai ain't going anywhere

Long refresh cycles on IoT mean we have a real problem...
October 27, 2016 -- 

On this week's show we're taking a look at the Great DDoSSening of 2016! Yep, we'll be having a look at the attacks against Dyn, but perhaps more importantly we'll be asking the question: With a zillion perma-owned things out there able to launch some pretty serious DDoS attacks: What now?

IoT device security specialist Stephen Ridley will join us in this week's feature slot to discuss that.

This week's sponsor interview is a cracker. We'll be chatting with Cyalnce chief research officer Jon Miller about how the hell you're supposed to benchmark AV these days. It's actually trickier than you'd think, for reasons we'll get into later. We also talk about managing false positives and hit on a few other topics in that one. Jon's ex ISS X-Force, he's been around the traps for a long time and really knows what he's talking about. That's a good interview... big thanks to Cylance for sponsoring this week's show.

Adam Boileau is this week's news guest. Links to everything are in this week's show notes.

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