Risky Business #267 -- 2012 in review

A look back on 2012 in infosec, as reported by Risky Business...
December 13, 2012 -- 

This week's show takes a look back at some of the big issues and stories of 2012: The arrest of the Lulzsec crew, the release of Stratfor's email by Wikileaks and the Australian government ban on Huawei participating in the NBN rollout.

With bonus lulz.

This is the final episode of Risky Business for 2012. We'll be back in February 2013!


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The big issues are there. It is always there in the making and that is good. - Mission Maids

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AEDs are very accurate and simple to use device that are used for saving life of people. Anyone can use the device and there is no need of training but if you want training then you can learn so within few hours of training how to use the device in emergency situation. I was not at all aware about the things that you have discussed about the Pacemakers and defibrillators attack and security concerns should be high to save the lives of people.

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I did see that after we published. But unfortunately for Wikileaks that reinstatement doesn't cover the year 2010 when most of the donations were received... so... still bad for WL.

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Great podcast, a small mistake i'd like to correct:

The German Wau Holland foundation got its charitable status status back.
Source: http://www.wauland.de/en/index.html